Crossing from the Tamare-Nikc Valley to the Thethi Valley

It was a bit difficult to find maps from the area, but we managed. It was somewhat more difficult to collect info on the possible hikes. There were descriptions of hikes from the Thethi valley up to the Pejes pass and then from there to Harape peak and Jezerce peak.

However we did not want to use the same route to go there and back. Therefore we decided to approach the area form the West. It worked fine and was very nice. Hera are GPS tracks in Google kmz format.

So the route:

We were hitchiking in Hani i Hoti and got a Lift to Nikc (the road goes from Hani i Hoti to Tamare, there turn to East and enters a deep valley. Nikc is at teh end of the valley). From the last houses of Nikc, close to the church, there is a path/road (not for cars) heading up and North. Ask for the direction of: Dobrantshes. We ascended on this path about 1.5km and 100m before the path reached a few houses we turned right (to the East). The relatively easy and well visible pass is going on a steep slope with bushes under a steep rock wall of the mountain forming the North wall of the valley.

After about 2km, the path will reach the end of the valley, levels and turns right and goes in a beach forest. After a while it starts to descend.

At this point there is a path to the left, going up. This one is not indicated on the map below, so I emphasized it with green shading! You have to take this path. Ascend about 200-250 meters, and you will hear and reach a waterfall. There are troughs built for animals here and a flat area suitable for a tent. From here it is another 50m ascent where a large plateau like deep valley starts, that runs to the East. We soon found a few ruins of woodden houses. At this point the path was not visible, but we could follow to the North the black tubes of an aborted attempt to channel water to Dobrantshes. This is a few house and stall area where shepherds plant potato in the summer. From here a smaller valley (with barely detectable path) leads to the East. Follow your nose and for 4-5kms you will cross a deep bowl with extreme karred rocks and Pinus leucodermis. We camped here on a small mound with extremely nice scenery and a view to Stogut peak.

Water was seeping from the snow fields (early june). TAKE A RUBBER TUBE WITH YOU! It is really useful to collect water.

Next morning we were heading further East, reaching first a deep doline, then ascended to higher ground with more snow. Meandered among dolines and sinkholes and see Harape from the North.

Finally, keeping furteh East we reached the upper rim of the valley that runs from the Pejes pass to Crna-Gora. Since we missed the "official" path (probably runs further north, closer to the bordering mountain bases), we had to descend 300m on a rather steep surface karst. This route is recorded on the GPS track, and the steep ascent is highlighted with yellow. We camped at the base of the valley here.

Have fun!

Attila Gulyas