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Stutz Bernardo; Waterson Michael J.; Šestan-Peša Matija; Dietrich Marcelo O.; Škarica Mario; Sestan Nenad; Racz Bence; Magyar Aletta; Sotonyi Peter; Liu Zhong-Wu; Gao Xiao-Bing; Matyas Ferenc; Stoiljkovic Milan; Horvath Tamas L. ✉  (2022) AgRP neurons control structure and function of the medial prefrontal cortex MOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY 1359-4184 1476-5578 :
Babiczky Ákos; Matyas Ferenc ✉  (2022) Molecular characteristics and laminar distribution of prefrontal neurons projecting to the mesolimbic system ELIFE 2050-084X 2050-084X 11:
Horváth Á. Cs.; Borbély S.; Mihók F.; Fürjes P.; Barthó P.; Fekete Z. ✉  (2022) Histological and electrophysiological evidence on the safe operation of a sharp-tip multimodal optrode during infrared neuromodulation of the rat cortex SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2045-2322 2045-2322 12: Paper 11434.
Barsy Boglárka; Kocsis Kinga*; Magyar Aletta; Babiczky Ákos; Szabó Mónika; Veres Judit M.; Hillier Dániel; Ulbert István; Yizhar Ofer; Mátyás Ferenc  (2020) Associative and plastic thalamic signaling to the lateral amygdala controls fear behavior NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 1097-6256 1546-1726 23: pp 625-637
Fiáth R ✉; Márton AL; Mátyás F; Pinke D; Márton G; Tóth K; Ulbert I  (2019) Slow insertion of silicon probes improves the quality of acute neuronal recordings SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2045-2322 9: Paper 111. 17 p.
Otsu Y; Darcq E; Pietrajtis K; Matyas F; Schwartz E; Bessaih T; Abi Gerges S; Rousseau C V; Grand T; Dieudonne S; Paoletti P; Acsady L; Agulhon C; Kieffer B L; Diana M A  (2019) Control of aversion by glycine-gated GluN1/GluN3A NMDA receptors in the adult medial habenula. SCIENCE 0036-8075 1095-9203 366: pp 250-254
Mátyás F. ✉; Komlósi G.; Babiczky Á.; Kocsis K.; Barthó P.; Barsy B.; Dávid C.; Kanti V.; Porrero C.; Magyar A.; Szűcs I.; Clasca F.; Acsády L. ✉  (2018) A highly collateralized thalamic cell type with arousal-predicting activity serves as a key hub for graded state transitions in the forebrain NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 1097-6256 1546-1726 21: pp 1551-1562
Barthó P; Slézia A; Mátyás F; Faradzs-Zade L; Ulbert I; Harris KD; Acsády L  (2014) Ongoing network state controls the length of sleep spindles via inhibitory activity NEURON 0896-6273 1097-4199 82: pp 1367-1379
Matyas F; Lee J; Shin HS; Acsady L  (2014) The fear circuit of the mouse forebrain: connections between the mediodorsal thalamus, frontal cortices and basolateral amygdala. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 0953-816X 1460-9568 39: pp 1810-1823
Rovo Z; Matyas F*; Bartho P; Slezia A; Lecci S; Pellegrini C; Astori S; David C; Hangya B; Luthi A; Acsady L ✉  (2014) Phasic, nonsynaptic GABA-A receptor-mediated inhibition entrains thalamocortical oscillations. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 0270-6474 1529-2401 34: pp 7137-7147
Kim S; Matyas F; Lee S; Acsady L; Shin HS  (2012) Lateralization of observational fear learning at the cortical but not thalamic level in mice PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 0027-8424 1091-6490 109: pp 15497-15501
Aronoff R; Matyas F; Mateo C; Ciron C; Schneider B; Petersen CC  (2010) Long-range connectivity of mouse primary somatosensory barrel cortex EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 0953-816X 1460-9568 31: pp 2221-2233
Gentet LJ; Avermann M; Matyas F; Staiger JF; Petersen CC  (2010) Membrane potential dynamics of gabaergic neurons in the barrel cortex of behaving mice NEURON 0896-6273 1097-4199 65: pp 422-435
Matyas F; Sreenivasan V; Marbach F; Wacongne C; Barsy B; Mateo C; Aronoff R; Petersen CC  (2010) Motor control by sensory cortex SCIENCE 0036-8075 1095-9203 330: pp 1240-1243
Mátyás F; Urbán GM; Watanabe M; Mackie K; Zimmer A; Freund TF; Katona I  (2008) Identification of the sites of 2-arachidonoylglycerol synthesis and action imply retrograde endocannabinoid signaling at both gabaergic and glutamatergic synapses in the ventral tegmental area NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 0028-3908 1873-7064 54: pp 95-107
Ferezou Isabelle; Matyas Ferenc; Petersen Carl C.H.; Ron D. Frostig  (2008) Imaging the Brain in Action: Real-Time Voltage- Sensitive Dye Imaging of Sensorimotor Cortex of Awake Behaving Mice : p. 171. Paper Chapter 6.
Haller J; Mátyás F; Soproni K; Varga B; Barsy B; Németh B; Mikics É; Freund TF; Hájos N  (2007) Correlated species differences in the effects of cannabinoid ligands on anxiety and on GABAergic and glutamatergic synaptic transmission EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 0953-816X 1460-9568 25: pp 2445-2456
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Mátyás F; Freund TF; Gulyás AI  (2004) Immunocytochemically defined interneuron populations in the hippocampus of mouse strains used in transgenic technology HIPPOCAMPUS 1050-9631 1098-1063 14: pp 460-481